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Jalen Enterprises

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Who We Are

Janet Lenius


Hi, I’m Janet Lenius. I’m glad you’re here. Scroll down to explore my businesses. (Directly below is a featured product that will change periodically.)

My skills and interests are diverse. A background as a newspaper reporter inspired the formation of Jalen Enterprises, a creative agency, in 1997.


My passions extend beyond marketing to health, finance, and sustainability. Those concerns sparked partnerships with Tranont (health and wealth), Affiliate Solar (clean energy), and Brizo Pure (CBD).

Have fun exploring, and let me know if you have any questions.

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Powur Solar

Learn how to manage, protect, and grow your wealth with Tranont personal and business services.

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All of our whole flower CBD products use a proprietary extraction process which preserves the entire medicinal profile of hemp cannabis. Each drop or spray of our organic CBD fluid is water-compatible, making it the most absorbable option available.

Life Insurance

Solar is one of the best renewable resources out there and it is the single biggest home improvement that a homeowner can make to positively impact the environment. One of the best advantages of solar energy is reducing your electrical consumption and reliance on fossil fuels immediately and for the long-term!

Publicity/ Ad Creation
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What Can I Do for You

  • Fax & e-mail press releases

  • Help choose & buy appropriate stationery for press releases

  • Follow-up phone calls to media

  • Print ad visual design

  • Flier creation

  • Media direct mailing projects

  • Creation and assistance with promotional events

Publicity & Ad Copywriting


I can not only write your press release, I can distribute it! Specializing in Twin Cities-area media outlets, I have a current database of more than 100 contacts, ranging from major TV and radio stations to cable TC stations, and community and specialty newspapers. I create a targeted media contact list for you, based on your intended audience and urgency of your event or message.


Do you need help writing a radio ad or creating a newspaper ad? I have been composing and recording radio-style ads on twincitiesinfoline, the telephone hotline I owned and operated from 1997-2009. I have also been creating all promotions for the hotline and selling advertisement on the website and on newspaper inserts. I may be able to come up with that new advertising idea you have been looking for!


Editing & Proofreading

With a Journalism degree earned at the University of Minnesota, my background is rooted in newspaper reporting. I know how to check facts, make sure all angles are covered and locate multiple sources. At the U, I reported for the Minnesota Daily for three years. Since college, I've launched corporate newsletters for the Minneapolis firms Rust Consulting and Conwed Plastics.

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Person Writing
Editing and Proofreading


My Journalism B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota and years of reporting and writing give me an eagle eye for errors in usage, clarity, grammar, and punctuation. I will comb through your thesis, dissertation, movie script, article or book manuscript for errors and help you achieve the success you deserve! You can drop off work by postal mail, jump drive, e-mail or in-person delivery. Please allow at least three days prior to your deadline to avoid rush charges.



Business hrs: M-F 9-5 CST | Tel: 612-205-8847 | Fax: Call to get fax number

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