With a Journalism degree earned at the University of Minnesota, my background is rooted in newspaper reporting. I know how to check facts, make sure all angles are covered and locate multiple sources. At the U, I reported for the Minnesota Daily for three years. Since college, I've launched corporate newsletters for the Minneapolis firms Rust Consulting and Conwed Plastics.

Today, I am a regular contributor to:

Editing and Proofreading

My Journalism B.A. degree from the University of Minnesota and years of reporting and writing give me an eagle eye for errors in usage, clarity, grammar, and punctuation. I will comb through your thesis, dissertation, movie script, article or book manuscript for errors and help you achieve the success you deserve! You can drop off work by postal mail, jump drive, e-mail or in-person delivery. Please allow at least three days prior to your deadline to avoid rush charges.

Many of my customers attend my alma mater, the U of M, but all are welcome! :-)

ESL Proofreading

Is English your second or third language? C'est ne pas de quois! (It is not a problem!) Your article or college paper may include complete information, but you will give an unfavorable impression if the translation is even somewhat mangled. Save embarrassment! Let me scan through it for proper American English usage.


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